Adopt a rabbit or become a foster family?

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Adopt a rabbit

Discover here our procedure for adopting a rabbit from the shelter.

We operate with a network of temporary host families. This allows them to live in an adequate environment where they receive appropriate nutrition while benefiting from a safe family environment.

This way of doing things also allows us to properly evaluate each rabbit and thus know its personality.

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Adoption Lapins Québec Refuge Boutique Alsa

Become a temporary family

Becoming a temporary foster family for an abandoned rabbit is a real gift of self that saves lives and gives the shelter the opportunity to take care of rabbits in need, even in danger.

Without a foster family, there is no rescue!

Host families are essential to us because they allow us to continue our mission. Being a foster family is a great opportunity for families who want to spend time with a rabbit before considering a long-term commitment.

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