Our history

Adoption Lapins Sans Abri (ALSA) was founded in 2007 by Nancy Lachance. Since then, thousands of rabbits have received a second chance thanks to ALSA.

We never euthanize shelter rabbits, except in cases where it is the only option available to us and for medical reasons only. In the event of health problems, the rabbits are taken to the veterinarian and we cover all costs, thanks to the donations received.


Give abandoned domestic rabbits a second chance by having them adopted by conscientious people and ensuring that the rabbits are sterilized, while educating the population on the real needs of rabbits in Quebec.


To be the number one reference in Quebec among the population, organizations, businesses and municipalities contributing to the development and well-being of rabbits.

Adoption Lapins Québec Refuge Boutique Alsa
Adoption Lapins Québec Refuge Boutique Alsa
Adoption Lapins Québec Refuge Boutique Alsa



ALSA advocates respect for all living beings, regardless of their species, situation or personality. Valuing differences and communicating openly are dominant elements that form the basis of all our relationships and are essential to our success.


ALSA offers experienced advice to the population, municipalities, organizations and businesses. Our team specializes in decision-making assistance, support and awareness of rabbit needs and behaviors.


ALSA develops and promotes business partnerships with different organizations, companies and artisans who promote animal welfare through its activities, services or products offered. These alliances highlight mutual assistance and aim to support our mission.