Being a host family

Becoming a temporary foster family for an abandoned rabbit is a real gift of self that saves lives and gives the shelter the opportunity to take care of rabbits in need, even in danger.

Without a foster family, there is no rescue!

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Why become a temporary family?

Host families are essential to us because they allow us to continue our mission. Being a foster family is a great opportunity for families who want to spend time with a rabbit before considering a long-term commitment.

Foster families must commit for a minimum period of 2 months (or less if the rabbit is adopted earlier). Temporary families always have first choice for rabbit adoption after completing a pre-adoption questionnaire and paying the adoption fee of $200 (male) $225 (female) which includes the rabbit, exam basic veterinarian, sterilization and a 3.5 kilo box of hay.

$25 per rabbit must be added for rabbits vaccinated against hemorrhagic fever.

Thanks to foster families, our rabbits will have the chance to live in a family environment with all the advantages that this entails rather than living in a cage for long periods without stimulation.

Some important information before becoming a temporary family:


- To provide a living environment adapted to the rabbit: teach the rabbit what cuddles and human contact are, offer it activities and toys to stimulate its interest and keep it occupied;

- To provide feed and hearthwood pellets for its litter. Approximate price: $10 per month for pellets and approximately $7 per month for feed since feed is given in small quantities, hay being the food to be given in abundance.

- To offer him a healthy diet by giving him fresh vegetables every day and plenty of hay (hay provided by the shelter).

- To travel to pick up the rabbit and bring it back to the shelter when it is adopted.


- Support for veterinary care

- A transport cage which will be used to transport the rabbit

- The cage or enclosure for its habitat

- Accessories such as litter, water bottle, bowls

- Hay and feed


- The rabbit must be in semi-freedom or have a minimum of 3 hours of freedom outside its enclosure each day.

- She must draw up as precise a portrait as possible of her character and tastes to facilitate her adoption.

- The shelter deals with emergencies, it does not choose the rabbits it saves and cannot have foster families for the large rabbits, others for the angoras, others for the rams. Obviously, we do not force the host family to take care of a sick rabbit or a pregnant rabbit if they do not wish to and will go with the family's preferences if we can.

- Pay the rabbit's adoption fees if you decide to adopt it or bring it back to the shelter after the minimum period of 2 months or for a longer period if you wish.

If you would like to help a rabbit by becoming a foster family, complete the form by clicking here.